10 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids #BensBeginners

Preparing dinner can be stressful, busy, and chaotic, but letting your kids into the kitchen with you to help can actually turn around a lot of the chaos around mealtimes. My boys love to get into the kitchen with me and help cook, and today we’ve partnered with Uncle Ben’s to share with you some of the many reasons to cook with your kids! It can make all the difference, so I try to let them whenever our evenings feel hectic.

There are so many reasons to get into the kitchen and cook with your kids, but these are 10 of our favorites! It's a genius parenting trick to calming down the hectic dinner time hour and helps open your kids up to new recipes and healthy eating. Come see the full list!

10 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids

1. It’s Fun! – My favorite reason … Read more →


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