23 ways to spice up your summer

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Feeling in a bit of a slump this summer? Well, like Smash Mouth said, “we could all use a little change.” So why not apply that advice to your summer? The best way to prepare for your next semester of school is to have a spiced up summer. You’ll step into your first class a newly-refreshed student ready to take on the course load! So have fun, try something new, and get ready to spice up your summer in 23 easy ways.

  1. Listen to audiobooks while driving instead of music
  2. Try only new restaurants whenever you go out to eat
  3. Try out a new style for a week
  4. Get up an hour earlier to go on a morning walk
  5. Eat with your grandparents or parents at least once a week
  6. Try not to use your phone for three whole days (or have one day a week off)
  7. Learn a new word in a new language each day
  8. Find a new charity to donate to (ex. Use Charity Miles)
  9. Help your carbon foot print by shortening your showers using a timer
  10. Get a pen pal
  11. Make a bucket list (friends you want to see, places you want to go, things you want to do etc.)
  12. Plan an epic vacation for next summer
  13. Have a friend make you a new workout playlist
  14. Plant your favorite flower seeds and watch them grow
  15. Go out and buy small gifts you can keep on hand for last minute b-days, engagements, and little happy gifts
  16. Clean out your closet and recycle or donate to a local orphanage or shelter
  17. Make yourself small-sized, healthy snack packs
  18. Follow your favorite TED talk speakers on social media
  19. Write inspirational quotes on mirrors or Post-its in your room/house
  20. Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout with childhood friends or distant relatives
  21. Get professional pictures taken (you never know when you’ll need them)
  22. Have a game night with your siblings or close friends
  23. Make a website for yourself or work on your personal brand

Gabriella_Gonzaba-Headshot2016Gabriella is pursuing a degree in secondary social studies at the University of Mississippi. After college, she plans on getting a master’s degree in higher education administration. Gabriella is involved in many extracurricular activities that divide her time. She is the founder and president of a nonprofit, Students for a Safe Ride, which offers a safe ride for University of Mississippi students during evening hours on the weekend. She is also heavily involved in student government and serves as the acting director of student organizations for the Associated Student Body.

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