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Teaching Of Maths Using A 5-step Process
“Teaching of maths is so tedious and frustrating !”. This is a common remark of maths teachers. Teaching of maths, if not, carried out properly creates tension and unnecessary stress to both teachers and learners. It can be avoided if a process is created that focus on the objectives at various stages of teaching. Here a 5-step teaching process to teaching of maths is presented.

Basically, maths is divided into 2 sections. They are the content and method section. To achieve positive result in the teaching and learning of maths, the 5 simple steps address the objectives of the 2 sections with focus.

Step 1: (Content section)
Maths basically consists of numbers, symbols and mathematical operators. These are items describing some defined meanings. Teachers at this step are to allow the learners to associate the items or facts with each other and if possible, to applications in real life. One example is to relate profile of a thrown stone to that of an arc (of a circle). The relationship between facts are important for future maths teaching.

Step 2: (Content section)
Here the learners of mathematics has to be guided on the important mathematical concepts and facts to memorise for. Remembering all the facts and concepts within the whole topic taught does not aid in understanding and may cause confusion later on. Here the teachers play an important role in providing the scope to the topics.

Step 3: (Method section)
When the learners have understood the required facts and mathematical concepts, they would be led to 2 critical phases in this step. Phase one is to let the learners do maths questions associated to the topic taught with the learning materials placed in front of them for reference. They will solve, without copying from others, the questions till the understanding of the steps in solving the questions are clear. Here the self-confidence and self-dependance part of human development are enhanced. Phase two, which is more critical, is to keep all the learning materials and solve the maths questions with an equivalent standard again. At this stage, the objective is to test their understanding of mathematical concepts and analytical skills in solving the maths questions. A point of cautious here is to ensure that the learners solve the questions without any help.

Step 4: (Method section)
In this step of teaching, the teacher will expose the learners to a wider coverage of the maths topic. This is to enable the learners to encounter many more different relationship between facts and more flexible questionings. Again the maths teacher has to make sure that the learners are solving without any help. For this step, the idea is to continuously practice to instill solid understanding.

Step 5: (Method section)
This last step is for the teachers to answer any queries that the learners may encounter at the previous stage. Advises from the teachers should be aimed to allow learners to self-evaluate their procedure or steps in solving the questions. Re-iterate is necessary for them to re-align their understanding of the maths content. The learners, after correction, are to be allowed practice on questions of similar standard as the one they encountered obstacles with.

Last, but not least, the teacher has to summarise and review the topics as time will fade memories.

Using the 5-step teaching process of focused objectives, teaching of maths can be fun and easy for both the teachers and learners of maths.

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By: Lim EeHai

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