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Thanks for your interest in using our service. It is a no-cost service offered by Tuition Empire for all parents and students in Singapore, who’re searching for private home tutors. There is no hidden cost. We can manage to run the business simply because tutors pay us a 50 percent of the tuition costs as a commission.

We cherish all our customers. Tuition Empire places the pupils’ interest as main priority and performs our very best to find the most ideal private tutors for them. We are not going to assign tutors who don’t fit the specific tuition job simply for the sake of doing the business.

We evaluate the private tutors by using each and every communication and interaction with them, including the time and effort they put in the tutor register form, exchange of emails as well as telephone dialogue. Most significantly, we obtain feedbacks from clients about their performance.

We try our utmost to match-up both student and tutor as properly to both parties’ requirements. We’ve obtained in-depth details from our registered private tutors. Don’t hesitate to give us your details and needs as specific as you can, to ensure that we can locate the ideal tutor for you.

Kindly recommend Tuition Empire to your relatives and friends if you like our service.


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