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Are you looking for Secondary tuition for your kids?

It is never too late to offer your child the assistance that they need to achieve success. Possibly, they’re experiencing difficulty in their learning, or perhaps you are not able to locate an efficient home tutor.

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We are here to take care of your worries. We understood that the GCE ‘O’ Level Exams are major in deciding if your kid moves on to a JC, a Poly or ITE. Parents often desire their kids to go for the very best to their capability, this is the reason why we are more than prepared to offer that additional help required.

We provide assistance in a variety of secondary subject matters, such as English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Geography, History and POA. We’ve got private tutors who focus on particular subject matter and others who’re qualified in coaching several subject. If your kid hasn’t acquired secondary tuition before, and you are rather sceptical about it, provide us with a chance to make positive changes to your opinion.

Secondary Tuition is important.

When your kid goes to Secondary school, the level of difficulty will increase substantially too. With home tuition, we are able to offer that additional advantage in conquering the problems which your kid might be confronting.

Your kid could possibly be experiencing stressed concerning the switch from Primary to Secondary school. Although they’ve got their school teachers and classmates to aid them with their learning, it may not be adequate. With private tuition, we’re able to work on your kid’s weak points and make improvements to them.

We feel that with the aid of right assistance, you can notice a positive change in your kid’s results eventually.

Secondary tuition provides that added benefit which your kid might require.

If you are looking for more desirable results for your kid, then Tuition Empire would like to be the one who guides them in the correct path!

Subjects Offered For Secondary Tuition.



Maths And Science

Elementary Mathematics
Additional Mathematics
Pure Physics
Pure Chemistry
Pure Biology
Combine Physic/ Chemistry
Combine Chemistry/ Biology
Combine Physic/Biology
Principle of Accounting (POA)


Literature in English
Malay Literature
Tamil Literature



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